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English Reading Resources

At Meow Tuition Centre, students are encouraged to read extensively beyond in class materials so as to further enhance their communication skills. To help our students, we have provide links to external websites where students can access articles and readings that are interesting and thought-provoking.

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    • eHub Magazine – access to various magazines such as Reader’s Digest, National Geographic and Time magazine


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  1. Tan Nik says:

    Dear Mr Lau

    I am writing to express my gratefulness towards you for being a wonderful and caring tutor. I truly appreciate your kindness in terms of looking after the well-being of the students and preparing them well for the exams. You have definitely shape the minds of the students. My daughter, Tan Shania (from RVHS) and every student in your class are very fortunate and blessed to have you as a tutor.

    I am sure you have touched the hearts of many students. The time and effort you sacrificed to conduct extra tuition sessions (at NO additional course fee). During one of the extra lessons, you not only ensured the students have their dinner before the commencement of the session in the evening, you brought them to the nearby coffee shop, ordered and fully paid for the meal for all students. You have gone beyond the call of a very special teacher.

    I sincerely wish this message allows you to capture our gratitude towards you. Thank you once again for the great efforts.

    Nik (parent)

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