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Block 694 Jurong West Central
Block 428 Jurong West Ave 1

Teaching Methodologies

Rewards Scheme

We give stickers, gifts and certificates to students who show significant improvements in their work so as to motivate them.


Extra Lessons

Feeling anxious before an exam? Do not worry as extra lessons can be arranged to help students according to their needs!


Regular Revision

Test papers and exam papers that are extracted from other schools or set by Meow teachers will be given to students regularly. This will ensure that students are always in pace with their schoolwork.


One to one or small group of tuition

This allows the tutor to teach according to the students’ abilities and personalities, leading to rapid progress.


Dedicated Syllabus Researchers

We have a team of syllabus researchers who write and create learning materials that are in line with the MOE syllabus.  Your child will be exposed to different question types and useful materials that will aid in his/her preparation for examinations.

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