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“Teacher Meow helped me in lots of ways. She helps me with her ‘Special Method’ and helped me with Math questions that I cannot solve. Unlike other teachers who just throw homework at us, she teaches us different methods to solve a question. She can be very strict but she can also be hilarious.”

Charmaine Yeo Jiamin (P6)



“Teacher Meow can be quite fierce if she is provoked. But when she teaches, she is very serious. I do not feel any stress when she is teaching. In fact I feel that it is very enjoyable. The special method that she calls ‘Ah Meow Special Method’ is very useful during examination or any other time. Teacher Meow has helped me build confidence in Math. ”

Yeo Kai Ning (P6)



“Teacher Meow is a caring and loving teacher.  Although she is humorous, she can be strict if she wants to. She uses her ‘special method’ to teach us which helps us a lot. My mathematics improved by leaps and bounds after she taught me. Last year, I got 100 marks for Mathematics, all thanks to her wonderful teaching skills! Teacher Meow is truly an excellent teacher!”

Devyn Chew(P6)



“I only started receiving tuition from Mr Lau this year.  When I was in Secondary One, I could not really catch up with what my Mathematics teacher in school was teaching.  However, this year, I find it much easier to understand what my school teacher is teaching. Mr Lau teaches us according to what topics each school is teaching each week.  He also exposes us to different types of questions.  He has a lot of patience and would continue to explain till I understand how to solve the question.”

Amanda Choo



“Mr Lau had helped me in improving my mathematical understanding. He is patient and careful in explaining the question asked and he makes sure that we understand the explanation thoroughly. Through his guidance, I had more confidence in myself while solving math questions. Thank you Mr Lau.”

Giam Yue Ling



“Teacher Meow is able to teach Mathematics in a lively, interesting and effective manner, making use of healthy competitions, rewards and individualized and independent learning to motivate us to put in our best. She has helped me to grasp difficult concepts by phrasing them simply, and also to score well in my Maths.”

Chin Yuqin



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