Teacher Meow

Teacher Meow is the founder of Meow Learning Centre.
Throughout her 20 years of teaching experience, she has motivated and inspired countless students to achieve outstanding results in their Math.
She has a Honors Degree in Mathematics from NUS and specializes in teaching Primary Level Math.

Mr. Lau

With 20 years of teaching experience, Mr Lau specializes in teaching secondary A-Math and IP Math.
Known for his patience and ability to connect with students to motivate them to achieve great results, he has helped many students, even those who were very weak in their subjects, to achieve stellar results with his teaching methods, within a short period of time.
Mr Lau has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from National University of Singapore.

Teacher Jenna

  • NUS Bachelor of Science (Honors), Majored in Life Sciences

Travelling and reading

Teaching Philosophy :
All students deserve a compassionate and caring teacher, who is considerate of their diverse needs and while equitably holding them to high expectations; and that all students are capable of learning when given proper guidance and sufficient encouragement.

 It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.   -Confucius

Teacher Jianwen

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
  • Bachelor of Science (NUS)

Teaching Philosophy :
Teacher Jianwen believes in positive reinforcement to encourage good attitudes towards learning. He scales his teaching methodology accordingly and uses a wide range of teaching tools to assure his students that learning is manageable and fun at the same time.

 There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

Teacher Jonathan

  • NUS Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

Teaching Philosophy :
Teacher Jonathan believes that students will succeed when they cultivate 3 important habits, which he aims to incentivize through a system of consistent encouragement, feedback and reward. These habits include maintaining focus, practicing diligently and correcting mistakes. He also aims to build strong teacher-student relationships, allowing students to feel safe in approaching him for advice on their Math or Science problems (even outside of class) whilst challenging them to always do better.

Practice breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success.

Teacher Hui Ting

  • NUS Bachelor of Science (Honors), Majored in Quantitative Finance

Teaching Philosophy :
Everyone makes mistakes. Teacher Hui Ting believes in channelling mistakes into learning opportunities by highlighting holes in understanding. With her patience and compassion, she explores different methods to explain difficult concepts to each student.

Teacher Kwang Hwee

  • NTU Bachelor of Science, Majored in Mathematical Sciences

Teaching Philosophy :
Teacher Kwang Hwee is a firm believer in the idea that every student can grasp the concepts of Mathematics with the right guidance. With a commitment to excellence, Teacher Kwang Hwee customizes teaching methods to align with the diverse learning styles of each student.
Whether it’s tackling complex equations or addressing fundamental queries, Teacher Kwang Hwee welcomes and encourages all Mathematics-related questions in the pursuit of mathematical mastery.

Mr Clement

  • MBA (NUS)
  • NUS Bachelor of Science (Math)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

Teaching Philosophy :
Mr. Clement advocates that a highly effective way for students to do well for Mathematics is to guide students to enjoy (by understanding concepts) and build confidence (by practicing and being able to do various questions) for the subject. He accomplishes this by

  • devising methods to explain concepts in simple language
  • outlining syllabus scope and representation
  • highlighting and rectifying common mistakes and misunderstandings
  • supplementing self-prepared concise notes to facilitate learning

Outclass Academy

History and Teaching Style :

Meow Learning Centre’s partnership with Outclass Academy began in 2022.  A team of experienced and outgoing teachers dedicated to making every lesson your child attend fun and engaging, subjects are also often taught as analogies that directly relate to a student’s everyday life.

As a result, this familiarity gives students a natural interest in the concepts taught, and allows abstract concepts to be easily understood and remembered.

Hence, Outclass Academy’s unique approach has empowered their students to have no difficulties paying attention in class and retaining what they’ve learnt, with their students having consistently producing stellar results over the years.