The joining fees applicable are:

  1. The joining fees applicable are:
  2. A $100 deposit which is refundable upon a written of termination at least 1 month before the end of the current month.
    Your deposit can also be used to offset the forthcoming month’s tuition fees.
  3. A material fee of $32.10 (Pri/Sec)/$53.50 (JC) that is payable half yearly.

Fees must be paid fully upon registration.

Lesson Fees are pro-rated according to how many lessons are there within the calendar month.

All Lesson Fees are to be paid by the 10th of each calendar month, failing which, a $10 late payment fee will be levied. This is to allow us to cover our operational and staff costs for your child’s learning experience.

The recommended payment modes accepted are :

  1. AXS : Under Student Services > Meow Learning Centre (Please select JW428 or JW694 depending on your student code on your billing advice.)
    Note that this payment method has a minimum Payment amount of $80.
  2. Paynow : Company UEN : 201330897R428 (For students registered at our 428 branch)
    201330897R694 (For students registered at our 694 branch)
    Under Bill Reference Number/Remarks : Please enter the enrolled student name, level, and month.
    Once payment is made, please notify our centres, so that we can verify and generate a the tax invoice as a acknowledgement and proof of your payment.
  3. NETS
  4. Cheque : Made payable to PROFESSOR MEOW (JP) PTE. LTD. Please write your child’s name, class, day and timeslot of his/her lessons behind the cheque.
  5. Cash

View Paynow Guide and our AXS Payment Guide

Yes! Meow Learning Centre allows 1 make-up arrangement lesson to be made for each lesson missed, which has to be scheduled within seven (7) days from the date of the lesson missed.

There will be strictly no refund of fees if the student is unable to attend their scheduled lessons or arranged make-up lessons.

However, students will be able to collect the lesson materials for the lessons missed from the Centre.

While Meow Learning Centre strives to accommodate to its student’s needs, Meow Learning Centre will reserve the final right to reject or amend any make-up arrangement as our staff deems fit.

Meow Learning Centre will not operate on all Public Holidays, as well as on our Company Day (1st Monday after Youth Day).

The Centre will not be operational during the 2nd half of December, as well as the 3rd and 4th day of Chinese New Year. Exact updates and details of operation will be posted on our Facebook Page as well as our Website.

In the event that our Centres will be resting other than the days stated above, we will notify our customers via our various official channels such as physical letters, Facebook as well as our website.

Note that Lesson Fees are pro-rated according to how many lessons are there within the calendar month.