In February 2019, Primary Level students with Meow who have performed outstandingly well in their Academic Subjects, as well as those who have improved tremendously in their results for the Academic Year 2018 were given Academic Excellence Awards and the Best Improvement Awards respectively in recognition of their hard work and success. 

Once again, congratulations to all award recipients and we hope that all our students will strive to achieve greater academic success with us at Meow Learning Centre in the year 2019!

Ng-Man-Yu-min Zhao-Xiangyu-Daniel-min Yew-Quan-Heng-min Yap-Wen-Bin-min Yap-Wen-Bin2-min Wong-Xin-Yi-Mabel-min Toh-Li-Ling-min Toh-Guan-Yi-min Tarynn-Liew-min Edgar-Kyaw-min Guan-Wei-Lin-min Ikel-Tang-Jae-Ron-min Jason-Wang-min Kavin-min Leong-Quan-Kai-min Ma-Yuhan-min Sun-Ze-Shan-Greta-min Donovan-Ng-min Dexter-Ho-min Cao-Zhiming-min Alina-Sun-min Alicia-Zhou-Xuanqi-min Nay-Chi-Aung-Soe-min